Women's Ski & Snowboard Pants - Premium Ski Collection

Product Code: 9025-W-RED

The high-waisted, fit-cut Premium Ski Collection Ski Collection Ski Trousers have an extremely flexible blend fabric that makes it easy to move on the slopes, as well as being water and windproof, and will protect you from the cold with its fiber filling. Since it is made of light and durable two-layer shell fabric, snow or sweating will not cause you any problems. When you get a little hot, the ventilation zipper system on the inside leg helps to expel excess moisture so you feel cool, dry and comfortable. The flexible leggings in the legs, which you can adjust the width with a zipper, fit all types of ski and board boots. You can adjust the waist width of these Ski Pants, which are designed with a high waist for extra comfort and protection, with the velcro belt as you wish. Extra soft sponge pad is used to protect you from a possible fall on the knees of these functional trousers, which have a total of 5 pockets, including 4 regular pockets and 1 zippered pocket. Stylish, simple and highly functional, these trousers are designed for you to be comfortable and safe on the runways.

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